Checking Wines on Arrival

When wine arrives in your account we will let you know and send you the invoice for storage of your wine.

Please carefully check the wine description is correct on the invoice and notify us in writing of any discrepancies as soon as possible as we cannot be held responsible for errors that come to light in the future.

Case contents are not checked on arrival, we can of course check the bottles for you at a small charge of £6.00 plus VAT per case.


If the cases are not checked, we cannot be held responsible for the quality of wines which have not been bought from Goedhuis & Co due to their unknown provenance.


The one major change over the past 30 years has been the standard of some of the cardboard cartons that wines arrives in. Cardboard used to be more substantial and robust, more befitting for long term storage but recycling has changed this. Unfortunately, some of the newer cases that come in are of a lower robustness, manufactured at times from recycled card and are less rigid due to the card being very thin. The majority of new cardboard packaging is manufactured to withstand very low levels of humidity and therefore is not fit for the purpose of securing wine during travel or long-term storage. We are trying to keep on top of this with constant checks and will let you know if we think a cardboard outer would be beneficial. There is a £16.50 plus VAT charge for your wine to be packed into an outer carton.

Wine Purchased Abroad

When wine is purchased abroad (online or in person) and sent into the UK it is important that the supplier of the wine follows the correct HMRC procedure, this ensures you do not pay any unnecessary duty or penalties.

HMRC are required to know about the arrival of wine into the UK before the wine is sent to the UK. This allows for the correct paperwork to accompany the wine during transit and ensures there are no delays.

HMRC are being increasingly strict on the movements of wine and the warehouse will refuse to accept wine that arrives to them without paperwork. HMRC do have the power to seize and destroy any goods that enter the UK without being properly declared and duties secured.

Please inform us of any wine arriving at the warehouse from abroad and ensure a copy of the invoice has been sent with the supplier and purchase price clearly visible.