Moving Your Wine To Private Reserves

When having your wine delivered to our cellars, please provide us with a full list of your wines and instruct delivery to:

Your name, Your account number,
c/o Private Reserves Limited Account 075,
Eastlays Warehouse,
SN13 9PP

The warehouse keeper number and VAT number for Under Bond deliveries to Octavian warehouse.

Excise number:  GB00004327616
Warehouse Keeper Excise ID: GBWK120220000 Customs Registration number: R2109549GB VAT Registration  number: GB120220002

All deliveries are required to be booked in. Please ask your supplier to email us a copy of the invoice including the ABV % of the wine to to request an RTFR number. Once they have received our RTFR reference they will need book the delivery in with Octavian directly in advance of arrival. Please ask your supplier to email to do this. They must quote the RTFR number we have given them to gain a booking with Octavian.

If you are storing wines under bond we will need to know the price you paid for the wine as well as the ABV %. This is required by Customs and Excise and is used to calculate VAT when you withdraw your wines from bond. It is very important that you send the invoice for the wines as this is the proof of purchase price required by HMRC.

Unmarked / Second Hand Cases

Private Reserves will land any wines that arrive in unmarked / second hand cases as Mixed Cases. They will then be photographed for the case contents to be confirmed and reworked to show correctly in your account. Each case that has to be treated in this manner will be subjected to the following charges:

Photo: £6.00 ex VAT (£7.20 inc VAT)

Landing: £5.75 ex VAT (£6.90 inc VAT)

Rework: £12.00 ex VAT (£14.40 inc VAT)

These charges will be added to your storage invoice on landing the wines to your account. 

Mixed Cases

Private Reserves can accept and store mixed cases in your account, however we must know prior to the arrival of the wine that the cases will arrive mixed and receive a detailed packing list. Wine arriving in mixed cases without a packing list will result in delay. 

Due to the tax implications, we are unable to accept underbond mixed cases containing different tax types or bottle sizes. For example, a case containing wines, champagne and spirits or a case containing magnums, bottles and half bottles. Please make sure your suppliers are aware of this and do not send us cases packed incorrectly.

If your wines arrived to us mixed, the highest ABV % from the bottles in the case will be applied to the case as a whole.  

To comply with our insurance requirements all mixed cases received into your account are photographed on arrival to check and confirm case contents.

Due to the complexity of mixed cases the arrival of each mixed case is subject to an additional landing charge of £7.50 ex VAT (£9.00 inc VAT) per case.

Checking Wines On Arrival

When wine arrives in your account, we will let you know and send you the invoice for the storage of your wine.

Please carefully check the wine description is correct on the invoice and notify us in writing of any discrepancies as soon as possible as we cannot be held responsible for errors that come to light in the future.

Cases are not opened and physically checked on arrival at the warehouse. The exterior of the case is however checked for any signs of damage or discrepancies. If you would like your cases to be opened and physically checked on arrival please let us know, and we will be happy to arrange this for you for a charge of £6.00 ex VAT (£7.20 inc VAT). 

Private Reserves cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies with your wines unless the customer has requested that the case be opened and physically checked as above.

Wine Purchased Abroad

When wine is purchased abroad (online or in person) and sent into the UK it is important that the supplier of the wine follows the correct HMRC procedure, this ensures you do not pay any unnecessary duty or penalties.

HMRC are required to know about the arrival of wine into the UK before the wine is sent to the UK. This allows for the correct paperwork to accompany the wine during transit and ensures there are no delays.

HMRC are being increasingly strict on the movements of wine and the warehouse will refuse to accept wine that arrives to them without paperwork. HMRC do have the power to seize and destroy any goods that enter the UK without being properly declared and duties secured.

Please inform us of any wine arriving at the warehouse from abroad and ensure a copy of the invoice has been sent with the supplier and purchase price clearly visible.