Rent (Includes Insurance)

12 bottle case per annum £11.75 ex VAT  (£14.10 inc VAT)
6 bottle case per annum £ 5.88  ex VAT  (£ 7.05  inc VAT)

Storage is charged per annum in advance from 1st April to 31st March. Wines received during the year are charged pro-rata for the number of months remaining in the storage year. For example, a wine received at the beginning of October will be charged at 50% of the annual rate.

Handling Charges

There is an initial one-off charge on each case received into the warehouse:

1 case £5.50 ex VAT ( £6.60 inc VAT)
2-4 cases of the same wine  £3.95 ex VAT ( £4.74 inc VAT)
5+ cases of the same wine £1.95  ex VAT (£2.34 inc VAT)

There is no handling charge for wine bought from Goedhuis & Co.

Physical Checks & Photos

We can request photos of your case at any time, at a cost of £6.00 ex VAT (£7.20 inc VAT) each. 

 If you would like a photo, please email us on


Our delivery rates outside central London (except Scotland, Highlands and Islands) are:

1 case  £18.00 ex VAT ( £21.60 inc VAT)
2 cases:   £32.00 ex VAT ( £38.40 inc VAT) 
3-5 cases:  £45.00 ex VAT ( £54.00 inc VAT)
6+ cases (please ask for a quote)

Central London deliveries will be charged as follows:

1- 4  cases: £25.00 ex VAT ( £30 inc VAT)
5-10 cases:  £30.00 ex VAT ( £36 inc VAT)

Premium Charges (additional cost):

Time specific:  £16.00 ex VAT ( £19.20 inc VAT)
£  7.00 ex VAT ( £  8.40 inc VAT)
24 hour deliveries outside central London: £16.00 ex VAT ( £19.20 inc VAT)

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday between 8am-6pm to the entrance of the premises. Saturday deliveries are available on request but do incur a surplus charge from £55.00 plus VAT depending on postcode and quantity.

Enhanced Service Options- Rates upon Application:

  • Specified vehicle size/dedicated vehicle if required
  • Cases to be delivered to specified area at delivery location
  • Deliveries requiring additional man power
  • Additional insurance in transit for consignment exceeding £500,000.00
  • Uplift and repacking service
  • Collection charges are the same rate as deliveries.

When asking for delivery we require written or emailed confirmation.

Duty & VAT

Duty and VAT will be charged on all applicable deliveries. The current charges are:

Duty: £26.78 per 12 pack case
VAT: 20% of your original purchase price

Deliveries requiring a duty and VAT payment will not be made until the invoice has been settled. 

Admin Fees

Administration fee for transfer within Octavian or release for collection will be charged at the following rate:

1 case: 
£ 5.00   ex VAT  ( £ 6.00 inc VAT)
2-10 cases: 
£10.00  ex VAT  ( £12.00 inc VAT)
11-20 cases:
£20.00  ex VAT  ( £24.00 inc VAT)
21-30 cases: 
£30.00  ex VAT  ( £36.00 inc VAT)

Charges for delivery to other bonded warehouse vary, please email us for a quote.


We would advise that you organise exports directly, we can recommend suitable shipping companies.

It is our experience that the receiving party needs to be in direct communication with the shipping company to avoid delays, language difficulties and issues arising out of office hours.

The process for preparing wine for export and seeking appropriate insurance cover is a lengthy one.

We charge a minimum of £45.00 ex VAT (£54.00 inc VAT) for this administrative process.